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ValCinema Weddings was founded in 2017 by two people with a passion for making wedding videos with a cinematic feel available within the Georgia regional area. Fast forward to now, and ValCinema is now  a fast growing, full-service wedding videography and photography business with the goal to make beautiful story-driven, cinematic wedding films available to everyone across most of the United States. Because Everyone Deserves To Remember their wedding day. ValCinema Weddings is now headquartered in northern Georgia and operates within over 20 states with multiple experienced  videographers and photographers within your area. We offer a variety of different packages and add-ons to make sure we capture your wedding day just how you’ve always dreamed. We strive to capture the most intimate moments, details and memories from your wedding to share for generations to come.  Scroll down to view some of our services! 

Meet the Owner

I set the vision for the team on how we service our customers and have a “people first” mindset, a value that stems from who I am. I want every customer to truly feel valued, even beyond product delivery, alone we do little, but together we do so much. I lead the ValCinema Weddings team with pride and togetherness. We have never been able to accomplish great things on our own, and have always looked to grow with our team  to best serve our customers.

"We're a people-first business, period." - Shawn


Capturing each moment in beautiful & tangible stills you will cherish forever. 


Seamlessly recording every special moment of your day to tell your unique story.


With our new "You Film" package, affordable & stunning wedding videos are now available to everyone! Get coached by one of our professionals to capture your day beautifully.

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